Jahwar Amber Inc.  through its creative enterprise, is a private non-profit organisation dedicated to support young people in exploring the creative and digital sectors. Our aim is to give young people insight and access to a career in the creative and digital industries and increase their chances of employability and understanding of the sector.

Since 2009, Jahwar Amber Inc. has provided creative educational and industry led programmes, competitions, mentorships, projects, short courses, careers days, traineeships and much more as additional and integrated support in primary, secondary schools, colleges, and for training providers throughout the Nairobi and Nyanza regions.

In addition to educational progression, we have now engaged over 48 businesses which support a vast amount of programmes enabling young people to gain an industry perspective on projects they are involved in. Our collaborative approach between education and industry has demonstrated how well employers and education providers can work together in the recruitment and training of young people.

For now, take a look around our blog, see what we do and what we can create throughout this beautifully exciting and successfully creative region.

Welcome to Jahwar Amber Incorporated and its Creative Enterprise…